Meta-Inis are audiovisual artistic compositions directed by Sandra Fernández with the Technical Team (Belén Borbolla and Antonio Adell) of IBC focused on helping you connect through symbolic language and sound with a meta communication and meta connection for the development and knowledge of your energy and spiritual information encrypted.

The guideline to carry out this process is as follows:

1-Make sure that nothing or no one bothers you, that it is an exclusive space for the Meta-Inis whether you do it alone or with someone else.

2-Prepare a glass of water next to you while you do the process and a notebook with a pen

3-Take your heart pulse and keep it taken throughout the Meta-Inis

4-Activate the video and allow your attention to be fully focused on it while observing what is happening inside you and the information that is displayed. (Each focusing slide takes approximately 3 min, do not change slides in advance.)

5-Try to make the video twice, the first time to open the information and the second time to take notes.

6-Write everything that you feel has been revealed in you

7-When you finish the video come to a conclusion and put it in your heart

8-Drink your glass of water with the intention of recording in it the entire process generated in the Meta – Inis

9-Share us your experience and don’t forget to share the Meta-Inis with others

10-We recommend that you lie down for 5 to 10 minutes after viewing the Meta-Inis

A hug from heart to heart:

Sandra Fernandez

Share your experience with us and be sure to share the Meta-Inis link

with all the people you feel.

©2024 Quantum Bioengineering Institute. All rights reserved. Do not copy, record or disseminate independently outside of this IBC link.

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