IMPORTANT NOTICE: Therapy sessions with Sandra Fernandez will be available again starting on the second week of November. Only emergencies will be addressed before that date.


Quantum Bioengineering is a therapeutic model based on the diagnosis through kinesis and quantum reading of the cardiovascular pulse, focused on attending to the patient’s needs. In addition, we perform preventive tracking on the three planes of disorder causality: the outer plane of the patient, the internal, and the dream plane.

The pulse diagnostic reading allows us to treat through the frequency and vibrational emission of sacred geometry, frequencies of light, sound, and coherent quantum information. It aligns disorders in the 13 fundamental structures of the human being: glands, organs, systems, biological, emotional, biochemical, fluids, energetic, quantum, subtle, spiritual, unconscious, and the synergy among all of them.

Bioengineer therapists are skillfully trained to observe the patient with equanimity and compassion. They listen attentively to the patient’s unique history through pulse diagnosis and have a high-frequency quality to readjust disorders effectively. In addition, Bioengineer therapists train patients and re-educate them with advice and practical guidance for their day-to-day lives to be independent and become great creators and allies of their inner well-being.

The benefits of the therapy with Sandra Fernandez are:

–You will receive an objective and informed opinion about the situation or problem you are going through for my work and personal experience through the years allows me to provide you with the solution you need.

–You will receive exercise and general recommendations to improve your wellbeing.

-By the end of the session you will be a better person. You will learn to conduct yourself  better regarding your personal needs, and developing the capacity to materialize your projects.

–You will also receive preventive treatment to unfold your best version. 

In Quantum Bioengineering, we treat:

-Patients with all types of disorders and all ages.

-Habitats, terrains.

-Relationships and relationship systems.

-Projects and companies.

-Specific situations, emergencies, surgeries.

Distance Evolutionary Therapy with Sandra Fernández

ATTENTION: the waiting time to receive an appointment with Sandra Fernandez can vary between two weeks and one month.

Next, we provide you with a PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT form so that you can provide us with your contact information.

Once you send us your data, the system will automatically direct you to another page that confirms that we have received your data, on that same page you have a blue button for you to pay for the therapy, you will also see another color button orange so that you fill in and provide us with the data of the ANAMNESIS QUESTIONNAIRE that Sandra Fernández needs to know about you and to be able to carry out Evolutionary therapy remotely by video call through Zoom.

Coordination and Assistance IBC Therapies

If you have any questions regarding the questionnaire procedure, please contact:


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To request your PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT, fill out this application.

As soon as we receive your request, we will send you the link to the ANAMNESIS QUESTIONNAIRE and the payment link.

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