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Chlorella, detoxification of systemic intervention

Today I am here to talk about the utmost importance of chlorella intake in these times. Chlorella is a microscopic unicellular organism found in freshwater algae, one of the most primitive forms of life and we will soon understand that it is a BIOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL TREASURE.

After an intense phase lived and experienced worldwide of poisoning through mass inoculations and appearance and development of new pathogens, and observing the side effects that are being generated in the long term in thousands of people, it is more than evident that a silenced world disorder has been generated that tries to perpetuate itself through the localized insertion of AI at the bioenergetic level, generating a phase of technological hybridization that has already begun and will develop over the next 10 years, covering the planet and changing the deep way in which we relate to reality. Some of us wonder how to prevent this hybridization and the consequences of this diversion that is generated through the intervention of nanotechnology and nano pollutants. It is more than evident that we cannot count on human leaders to protect the integrity of our race, but we can count on the leaders of nature who make available, for those who feel the connection and deep communication with their kingdoms and vital forces, the delivery of their deep medicines for body and soul. For this reason, I make a call to observe the need to generate a deep process of detoxification and protection through chlorella algae and the skillful means it provides us on a biological, energetic and spiritual level.

Chlorella, not only will detoxify us, but it will protect us from pollutants that today have spread throughout the planet through the waste of inoculations and pathogens, as well as medicines and have become a threat and cause of disorders at all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) affecting not only people but all species globally.

The algae kingdom is a very veiled kingdom, little observed and understood, which, however, houses key information for human spiritual protection and development, as well as for its evolution. At this moment, algae are the only ones capable of neutralizing the radiation to which we are exposed, and to technological manipulation through AI, quantum technology and toxic electromagnetic pollution frequencies from technologies.

The cell wall that covers chlorella is not digestible, therefore, it has to be broken in order for you to get the benefits and nutrients from these algae. A unique process opens the cell wall of the plant and releases its nutritional power providing optimal bioavailability. In addition, this grinding process is carried out under very specific conditions that remove light and heat, in order to preserve its nutrients.

Nutritionally, Chlorella microalgae are one of the richest foods in protein (60%), beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), and nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), and contains more chlorophyll than any other food in nature (2gr per 100 grs), more than 10 times the concentration contained in alfalfa.

Given its composition, these microalgae have unique characteristics of its kind:

  • Its proteins rich in essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fats are assimilated almost immediately, since their conformation allows to maximize their bioavailability. In this way, people who consume it often feel more energized by the excellent nutritional source.
  • It improves the capacity of the immune system, given in part by its contribution of antioxidants, vitamins and polysaccharide acids. Vitamins and minerals: In addition to vitamin B12, chlorella algae contain other important B vitamins (such as folic acid), as well as vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium are also added to the list of properties, as well as trace elements such as iron, zinc, manganese, copper and selenium.
  • Antioxidants: Contains free radical scavengers such as chlorophyll, vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein, which can adhere to harmful substances (heavy metals) to help the body get rid of them. Allowing the elimination of environmental toxins by cleansing the body, due to its capacity to chelate heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc.) and organic substances such as radiation residues, pesticides, herbicides, and other agrochemicals. Phenomenon known as bioremediation and favored mainly by the cellulose fibers that make up its cell wall.
  • They provide a proven anti-aging effect by having a fraction rich in nucleic acids that provide the body with the precursors for the synthesis and repair of cellular genetic material.
  • Its nutritional balance, added to the contribution of antioxidants and mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9), reduce the generation of joint and various tissues inflammation, commonly caused by nutritional deficiencies in the diet.
  • Regulates hormones.
  • Detoxifies excess fat by regulating metabolism.
  • Its fiber content provides a prebiotic effect, favoring the generation of positive intestinal flora (bifidobacteria) and helping to regularize intestinal transit.
  • Regulates blood cholesterol.
  • Enhances brain microcirculation and general circulation.

Analyses and studies indicate that chlorella develops antitumor, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral functions. It helps kill cancer cells. It protects the body from the effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

It is the plant with the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world, 4%. Thus, these microalgae have the ability to convert energy into essential nutrients thanks to its high photosynthetic efficiency.

But what makes this plant pigment so valuable? Chlorophyll is also called “green blood” because its structure is virtually identical to that of hemoglobin, which gives human blood its characteristic red color. Thus, chlorophyll can have a beneficial effect on the body and help hemoglobin in its functions, for example, by sending oxygen to the cells so that food is transformed into energy. For this reason, chlorella may also improve physical performance.

At the planetary biological level, algae are the generators, sustainers of life through the production of oxygen, representing 50% of the earth’s oxygen, the largest contribution of oxygen and the refuge of thousands of species… Maybe it’s time to take refuge in them too… On the spiritual planes, algae are key to the mutation we need to make in our ability to sustain the levels of invasiveness and distortion as well as manipulation that our race faces.

The spiritual source of chlorella is the power of chlorophyll and chlorophyll is the power to integrate light and generate it… The human being in recent times has been intoxicated in its abilities to absorb and integrate light and generate it, and finally, in the pandemic process that was a symbol of the loss of oxygen, the loss of life, the loss of spiritual light and the beginning of a deviation, this capacity has become even more limited. Some speculations suggest that chlorella could be the first link in the food chain, as the first single-celled plant provided with a defined nucleus within its cell membrane. If it were actually the first green plant on Earth, other life forms would not have been able to evolve without it.

Some believe that during Earth’s most remote epoch the atmosphere would have been composed of lethal gases, such as ammonia, methane and carbon dioxide. This theory holds that green plants, such as Chlorella, would have played the role of transforming that lethal environment into an environment capable of sustaining the life of plants and animals, so what better than to take the reference of origin to restore the essence and purity. We must restore our oxygen levels and the ability to generate, protect and cultivate light through our great ally from the algae kingdom that allows to restore the levels of oxygen and energy in our cellular systems, thus enabling us to “breathe again” in all planes of our existence restoring our integrity. To recover light, connection with light, the integration of light through chlorella to leave behind the toxics to which we have been subjected and the dense and perverse energies that navigate through them diverting and subduing our spiritual potential.


1-Take biological chlorella on an empty stomach in recommended doses, with broken cell wall for better digestion.

2-Ask or consult when chlorella should not be taken.

3-Carry concentrated chlorella hanging in a bag on your thymus so it receives the Medicine signal chlorella carries and contributes to your energy biofield.

4-Sleep with a chlorella pill in the navel, and a glass bottle that contains chlorella algae powder and a quartz, to enhance its effect, on the bedside table.

5-Take the pulse of your heart and have the intention to connect with the algae kingdom and especially with chlorella, and allow them to work with you on the spiritual plane.

Happy to share this information with you and wishing you take care of yourself as much as possible:

Sandra Fernandez

Director and Founder

Quantum Bioengineering Institute

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